Increasing Serendipity


I’m sure that a lot of people can attribute some of their successes to serendipity. Why are there some days where you feel like you just have more luck than others? I believe increasing serendipity all comes down to three simple things.

Be curious, pay attention, and live in a neutral state.

You should pay attention to the things that are happening right at this very moment in front of you and around you. You shouldn’t be afraid to explore any thoughts or ideas that you may encounter in this moment. Be curious, learn more, and explore.

In order to increase serendipity, you should also be in a neutral state of mind. If you’re overwhelmed or too narrowly focused on a specific goal or task, you may miss the opportunities happening around you.

Let’s try a simple example. Say you’re trying to get to a restaurant. If you’re in a hurry or too preoccupied, you will not notice all the things that you walk by on your way to your destination. By living in a neutral state with curiosity and attention, you would have noticed the nice stores and other restaurants along the way.

Serendipity can happen anywhere at any time; be curious, pay attention, and avoid getting tunnel vision.

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