Anti-Diversity for Startups


There has been a lot of debate about diversity in the startup ecosystem. I believe diversity is necessary and great for companies, for VCs, and for the ecosystem as a whole. Diverse mindsets and diverse perspectives will generate more innovation in diverse areas.

However, should founders who are just getting started be worrying about having more diversity in their own startup? My answer is no. In fact, I am anti-diversity for newly formed startups.

The reason is simple. As a new startup trying to get something going, speed is everything. You want to reduce any friction in communication and optimize for making quicker decisions. Being too diverse may result in losing the edge needed to succeed as a startup.

For founders who are just getting started, I usually recommend finding cofounders who are similar to you. Not necessarily in appearance, but similar in terms of values—those who share the same convictions and work at the same tempo as you do. That way, your team is built to move fast.

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